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Our Mission...

Is to educate and empower a community of people to live in alignment with their true values. To have the perfect money mindset and skills to build financial wealth for themselves.

Our Vision...

Is to see a world of people living on purpose with financial abundance. Inspired Wealth Coaching is owned by Mai Mai Lin, a Certified Coach, Demartini Method Facilitator and Financial Professional.

Our Purpose...

Is to help you grow and maximise your financial potential, so you live an abundant, balanced and fulfilling life.

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meet Mai Mai


Mai Mai Lin

Mai Mai Lin is a qualified Accountant, Certified Transpersonal Coach and Demartini Method Facilitator.


Over the last 20 years Mai Mai has helped many Small Business Owners take control of their finances and build financial wealth.


We know that given the right money mindset, tools and an action plan, any individual can transform their financial life. 

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My Journey Around Money

I grew up in an environment where people have a lot of negative emotions around money. I was often criticised for the way I handled money throughout my life and struggled with it emotionally for many years, so I decided I wanted to understand this thing called money and wanted to learn how to manage it wisely. I also wanted to achieve financial independence and be free of guilt. This took me on a fascinating journey of discovery.

I took many courses and engaged mentors to gain knowledge and technical skills on managing money. What I realized was also how important it is to clear my negative emotions around money and how to build a healthy money mindset.

After many years of learning and practice, I am now in a strong and healthy financial position. I am now moved to share my knowledge and skills with people who want to do the same.

Please join me in this journey of creating financial abundance and wellbeing.


I have worked in excess of 25 years with people from a large variety of industries including Health, Business, Education, Manufacturing, Construction, IT, Retail, Hospitality and Not For Profits.


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IPA – member of Institute of Public Accountants

Demartini Method facilitator – trained by Dr John Demartini

Completed Diploma of Transpersonal Coaching with Nature Care College

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Certified Money Coach trained by The Money Coaching Institute

Completed Financial Coach Master Training with Dave Ramsey

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