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Financial Coaching means providing regular one on one sessions with clients in order to achieve performance improvements to meet financial goals mutually set by the coach and client.

We help people master a wealth building mindset, provide the tools and skills, design an action plan and keep you accountable, so you can get out of debt, achieve financial health and build wealth.


Financial coaching helps people gain control over their finances and build wealth. This in term transforms their life.

The financial coaching process begins with these key steps over 6 sessions:

  • Identify your values.

  • Uncover your money mindset

  • Set financial and life goals

  • Create a plan to gain control of your spending and harness any surplus.

  • Clear emotional blocks and unhelpful money habits.



"What am I going to get?

......And how am I going to feel?"

Tangible Benefits

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  • Clarity of your values and understanding

  • How to change your values to align with your wealth building goals.


  • Discover your money story.

  • Understanding what limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

  • Understanding why you aren’t having the financial results you want right now

  • Exploring your patterns and habits with money. 

Budget & Cashflow

  • Gain clarity on where your money goes (income and expenditure)

  • Identify any surplus or potential surplus that you can achieve for saving and investing and paying off debt.

  • An easy to understand spreadsheet or accounting software

  • A monthly tracking system to help you stay in control of your spending.

  • A monthly review of your spending.

Clearing sessions

  • A process to clear emotional blockages that are impacting your wealth building

  • Tools and a process to work through the conflicts that occur in your relationships with others and with money.

Goal Setting

  • Set realistic financial and life goals and time frames to achieve them

Intangible Benefits

  • Peace of mind with money.

  • Clarity of where you are and where you are heading.

  • A sense of control over money.

  • Awareness of spending patterns.

  • Transforming behaviours into more effective wealth building habits.

  • Reducing stress around managing money

  • Reducing conflict with others around money

  • Clear self-criticism around money

  • Gain certainty around money.

What Our Clients Are Saying...



Mai Mai is a multitalented professional with specialised knowledge and skills both in the financial department and also in in the psychology of human behaviour.

This makes the perfect combination for anyone interested in financial mastery and taking charge of their life.

Finances have never been very high on my values, however with Mai Mai’s help the last 12 months she has shown me how to turn that around and take control of my financial destiny.

I would highly recommend her to anyone ready to build financial wealth and abundance

Dr. Erika Yeates


Mai Mai is a fantastic facilitator. She has provided me with knowledge and through that knowledge.


 I am empowered with confidence to better my finances but also my outlook on myself and where I want to be in life.

Bernadette Motulalo


Since I have been working with Maimai she has given me clarity around how money works & how you can make just a few changes to great effect.


I am managing my finances now and this has a profound influence on the rest of my life.


I am calmer and more centered without the anxiety I have previously suffered and I have increased my productivity as a result.

Jane Eyles

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